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und herzlich willkommen in Ihrem unabhängigen Portal für die Ostsee- Region mit einer großen Auswahl an Hotels, Pensionen, Ferienwohnungen und Gästehäuser an der Ostsee.

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We have chosen a few sights to see and things to do on the German coast of the Baltic Sea. If you want a holiday with plenty of sport you can go for long walks, cycle trips, sail, dive, surf or other activities. The Baltic Sea is just right for cycling, surfing, riding or walking. The flat coastline and gentle countryside inland are suitable for day trips. The cycling tours are different lengths so everyone can follow them and the more experienced can combine them as they like.

You can go to the Baltic for a break or to do something for your health. Families with children can have a wonderful time if they take a holiday house or flat, where they can be more independent and fewer people are disturbed by the children playing. The camping areas are all very well equipped. Not only young people but also families can have a good time there. Many camping areas have such a high standard that everyone is satisfied. Camping is only allowed on designated areas. If you would prefer to have a “Wellness” holiday, (massage, sauna and pampering) there are plenty of beautifula and comfortable hotels to choose from.

Two borders between the countries, the sea and a myriad of possibilities! Travellers have been going to the Baltic for many years, some to see the landscape and enjoy the fresh sea air, others are more interested in culture, historic building, museums etc and more recently the interest in sport has grown . Germany , Denmark and Poland are on the Baltic Sea coastline and each country has something different to offer. Not only this but to keep the interest of visitors who return every year, an effort is made to vary what is offered each year.

There´s no way anyone can complain about being bored because there´s plenty to do. The Baltic region welcomes guests with a great variety of activities and places to stay – camp sites, luxurious hotels, holiday flats, bed and breakfast. Whether you want to have seaside holiday, sand-castles, sun and beach, ride your bike along the coast and fill your lungs with good sea-air, spend time sailing, do the sights in Rostock, Stettin or Rügen and its famous cliffs or simply allow yourself to be waited on and relax in a good hotel, all this and more can be found in North-Western Germany on the Baltic Sea!

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